Innovation for Chinese and World Markets


题 目:Innovation for Chinese and World Markets

演讲人:Murthy Halemane教授,荷兰伊拉斯姆斯大学鹿特丹管理学院





Innovation is a buzz word not only in developed countries, but also over emerging markets. These markets especially in China and India, due to high national economic growth, show expanded need for new and adapted products. Innovation alone is like invention without a business concept. In this context, business models take innovation with success a step forward to the ever competitive market arena. Business models spell out the core logic of creating and capturing value of innovation. These models are dynamic and evolve over time. Their success depends on the rate at which any change in market environment or in internal capabilities is embedded in a suitable change of the corresponding business model.

In view of these issues, the lecture focuses on how strategic choice of new product or service forms can be taken up for putting business innovation into practice. It will be shown how innovation can effectively cater also to short to medium term goals such as identifying customer focused value propositions, financial performance and value management. The lecture also exposes how business model innovation can be beneficial to entrepreneurs.


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