The 7th International Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management (ICOSCM 2013) held in ACEM

                    On June 23, the 7th International Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management (ICOSCM) was held in Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiaotong University. The theme of the conference was "Innovation and Sustainability in Supply Chain ". It was jointly organized by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China Europe International Business School and South China University of Technology. More than 100 famous experts and academics in supply chain management from both domestic and abroad attended the conference. They were from China, USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions.
                    At the opening ceremony, Prof. Mingyang Yu, secretary of the Party committee of ACEM, expressed heartfelt thanks and welcome for the participation of domestic and foreign scholars on behalf of the organizers. And he hoped that this conference would offer a wide range of opportunities for exchanges to discuss the transformation and development of supply chain management. After that, as the co-chair of the conference, Prof. Xiande Zhao from CEIBS also gave a welcome speech. He hoped that this conference would build an international academic exchange platform for cross-disciplinary and Inter-disciplinary. Prof. Peng Tian (executive dean of school of management), Prof. Guohua Wan (vice dean and head of department of management science), Prof. Pengzhu Zhang (head of department of Management information system), Prof. Saixing Zeng (head of department of strategy) attended the meeting. Head of Operations Management department, Prof. Wei Jiang presided over the meeting. 
                    The fast-growing information technology and innovative business models have dramatically changed the practice of supply chains and management all over the world. Leading companies continuously seek out and institutionalize the insights and tools they will need if they remain at the leading edge and keep the leading position. In this context, supply chain innovation and sustainable development is crucial for the company's prospects. This conference will include a number of keynote speeches from leading academicians and executives, as well as a number of workshops, including workshops on supply chain practices, workshops for case writing, and workshops for doctoral students and young scholars.
                    As one of the keynote speakers, Prof. Jian Chen from School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University, head of Management Science and Engineering Department and Lenovo Chair Professor, gave a wonderful lecture entitled "Selling to Customers With Valuation Uncertainties: The Role of Discount Voucher as Marketing and Revenue Management Strategies". He studied on group buying sites, and discussed the merchant's optimal decisions from both the marketing and operations viewpoint based on customers' valuation uncertainties: preferences uncertainty and consumption state uncertainty. Different from the traditional operations management viewpoints, he found no show of voucher buyers may not be a good thing for the merchant, especially for those large or start-up ones. 
                    Prof. Asoo J. Vakharia, University of Florida, made a keynote speech to the participants -"Green, Greener or Brown: Choosing the Right Color of the Product". He pointed out that consumers and businesses were coming to the realization that balance was more than a buzzword-being in business in the longer term means considering the social and environmental impact in the short term. Environmental philosophy was critical to choice of consumers and the development of business. He used econometric models and real-life examples to demonstrate the importance and feasibility of green products. 
                    Then Prof. Xiande Zhao, Prof. Asoo J. Vakharia, Prof. Bing Jiang, Prof. Barbara B. Flynn and Prof. Jian Chen held a panel discussion. The theme of this discussion was "Conducting High Impact Research". Participants shared their field experiences and perspectives on this topic, and fiercely discussed and communicated together with the audiences.
                    In the afternoon, Prof. Barbara B. Flynn was from Indiana University. The topic of her speech was learning from the Present-What is wrong with today's OM research? She analyzed the empirical phenomenon in operation management research since 1990. Then she told us how to write an interesting paper, aspects of theoretical research and how supply chains flow across national boundaries. At last, she gave some guidelines for reviewers. She also encouraged attendees and scholars to publish interesting and important research.
                    After the keynote speeches, there were two units and eight sub-venues. Sub-topics included Risk Management in Supply Chains, Strategic Issues in Supply Chains, Sustainable Operations and Supply Chain Management, Modeling and Simulation, HPM Project Special Session, Teaching in OM and so on. The sub-topics were a collection of the wisdom of experts, including a variety of problems in supply chain management and business practices. Participating scholars and authors of reports had a lively discussion. Through the discussion, everyone benefited and learned the forefront of international researches and experience of enterprise management. They also formed a number of innovative consensuses.

                    After the conference, the organizers held a reception dinner for all the participants. The dinner was hosted by Prof. Xiande Zhao. Everyone congratulated the success of this conference and looked forward to the development of future conference. They also held a ceremony for “Li & Fung the best paper award of the conference” at the dinner. There were 71 papers received and six were selected best papers, including two first prize, one second prize and third prize, and two finalists award. Prof. Barbara B. Flynn awarded the winners certificates and bonus. She also hoped that we could have more and better researches in operation management.

                    On June 24, there were another two units and eight sub-venues. Participants further discussed SCM in the Low Carbon & Ecological System, Supply Chain Learning & Innovation, Operations and Supply Chain Issues in Service Industries, Logistics Management and other issues. 

                    On June 25, the sub-conference of the 7th International Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management and the First Supply Chain Integration and Service Innovation Forum was held at CEIBS. The forum was organized by the China Europe International Business School, and co-organized by Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Supply Chain & Logistics Association of CEIBS alumni, Supply Chain Integration and Service Innovation Institute of South China University, the Asian Institute of Supply Chain Management and Logistics and supply Chain of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and supply chain and Operations management association. Prof. Yuan Li, co-chair of the conference and executive dean of ACEM, Prof. Daoli Zhu, distinguished professor of ACEM and dean of Chinese and American Logistics Institute, Prof. Wei Jiang, head of department of operation management and other professors attended the conference and made speeches and discussion. The theme of the conference was “Service & innovation in supply chain networks”. They discussed supply chain management reform and development with entrepreneurs deeply and comprehensively.

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